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Your crypto jobs applications can be directly sent to your CRM with our Webhooks

Receiving job applications via email or on 3rd party platforms may require you to copy the received data into your recruitment funnel. With our webhook functionality, we can send your CRM or recruitment funnel's endpoint the entire application data along with the URL to download the applicant's CV.

This will allow you to setup automations, automated interview invites via your CRM and shortlist your candidates further based on variables.

We have designed scalable architecture and will be able to adjust the payload sent according to your enterprise's needs, contact our sales team via our support page to learn more.

Enrcrypted Links

Signed Downloadable Links

The CV links we send to your endpoint or to your mailbox if you have application notifications enabled are secured so that only you can access the applicant's document. For this reason you must be signed into your Crypto Jobs Base account from the same browser when you try to open the link

Endpoint Logs

Endpoint Logs

On your recruiter dashboard you will be able to see logs of all calls made to your endpoint. If for some reason the call fails we will display the reason returned by your endpoint.

Request Type


Example Payload


    "applicant_data": {

        "first_name": "John",

        "last_name": "Doe",

        "email": "",

        "phone": "(123) 456-7890",

        "location": "Ashburn, US",

        "salary_preference": "Free text here",

        "age_bracket": "18-21",

        "cv_url": "https://"


    "job_data": {

       "title": "Blockchain Developer",

        "type": ["Full-time", "Remote"],

        "category": ["Engineering", "Support"],

        "posted_on": "2021-12-01T05:19:51.000Z"



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